Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What lies ahead...

The end of the school year is near and there's a lot going on!  Spring soccer had just started, our first game being the same day as my prom, SAT, and livestock weigh-in, this weekend!!  What a day that will be!
We also had a very successful Earth Day themed 4-H kickoff in my county with many of the attendees being either first year members or newly looking into the 4-H program.  What an experience for everyone to be there and see a small part of the park with us, learning about 4-H and why the environment is important.  Certainly a day to remember!
Camp will be starting soon and I'm excited to be working with all of my first year counselors and our many campers this summer!  I'll miss those counselors who won't be coming back greatly, but I know they have important stuff ahead of them and I'm proud of them and they work they've done.  I'm hoping the new counselors will be doing their best because they certainly do well in their training!
Alongside 4-H camp this summer, I've gotten a scholarship to attend an acting workshop for a week in June!  I'm very excited to be going to this camp because from what I've heard, it's extremely useful!  Hopefully I can see some of the friends I made from the recent play I was in and make some new ones during that week!

Anyone heard of Pseudonymous Bosch, the author of a series called the Secret Series?  I'm on the way to challenging the original way of doing an author research paper by researching the author Pseudonymous Bosch, the pen name used as the author of the Secret Series!  But what better way to keep his fans intrigued in his mystery novels by making himself a mystery?  Truly a mystery master, but I'm hoping that with what evidence I have, I'll be able to twist the original author research paper into a very fun and challenging research project to even entertain myself!  I am quite persistent in my research!

"Not all novelists are power-hungry madman.  Some are power-hungry madwomen."
~Pseudonymous Bosch, The Name of This Book is Secret

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