Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Senior Year-Simply Surreal

As my senior year is quickly wrapping up and I take time to reflect on the stellar year I had, I am grateful for so many memories made. I’ve learned lots- not just academics, but also about myself as an individual as well as my family and my friends. I can say that without doubt I tested my capabilities and my limits with the number of responsibilities I took on this year, especially in 4-H. Somehow or another, I managed to have a ton of fun this school year too.
Just like nearly every high school senior says, my senior prom was a major highlight of my senior year. My high school has the traditional promenade and prom dinner and dance, but it also has a massive post prom bash. Spread out over our two gyms, there are numerous activities to keep us entertained until 5 in the morning. Moon bounces, Blackjack tables with professional dealers, money booths, and so much more, the parents who orchestrated the post prom did a phenomenal job to keep kids entertained and out of trouble. Everyone walked out of the event with a prize or two and some people even get lucky enough to win significant cash prizes or impressive prizes like ipads, TVs, or a Macbook. Even though I did not win a prize of incredible monetary value, I was rewarded with an unforgettable evening with a great group of friends.
Although I opted out of another key component of senior year, my senior class trip to Disney World, I still had the time of my life that same week when I went to National 4-H Conference instead. National Conference exceeded my expectations by far. My 4-H friends who’ve attended Conference in the past described it as a “working conference” so I was prepared for nothing shy of boring. National Conference was nothing close to boring and in fact, it was quite hectic at some points. My round table, Feeding the Global World with an emphasis on women in sub-Saharan Africa, had to put together a professional presentation to present to the National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) in a few days with just a matter of hours to work together. National Conference was an unforgettable experience. Because less people attend Conference compared to National 4-H Congress, it was easier to meet people and making lasting relationships and even friendships. Overall, I’m glad I decided to forgo my class trip to Disney to be able to travel with some amazing Pennsylvania 4-Hers to National 4-H Conference. I’m sure I’ll visit Mickey sometime in the future anyway.
Grad parties are already in full swing and I am thrilled to be graduating high school in just a few short days. It was a bit surreal to try my graduation cap and gown on this week and even though a part of me will miss high school and my peers, I know there are bigger and better things waiting for me onward. With plans already in the works for this summer, I cannot wait for my last few months home before my friends and I part our ways for our destined futures. I am eager to see what adventures lie ahead of me in my future years attending Penn State University.
Good luck on finals and have an enjoyable start of your summer! And of course, Congratulations Class of 2013!! We made it!
Cecilia Stuetz
Pennsylvania State 4-H Council Secretary

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