Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, June 30, 2013

What's Your 4-H Story?

Hello Everyone!

Wow.  I cannot believe that we are already done with June!  It’s crazy to think that time passes by so quickly!  Did you know that tomorrow is July 1st
4-H brought my team and I to the
2013 PA Farm Show to meet the
PA Sec. of Agriculture, George Greig!
Did you also know that State Council applications are due by July 1st?? I hope you turned in an application!  Being a state officer has been the most rewarding experience offered to me through the 4-H program.

So how do you make the most of your 4-H tale?  Did you ever hear about a “4-H Career Story”?  Everyone writes their own unique story.  Is being a State Council member on your agenda?  It was definitely on mine.  Actually, being a State Council member was always my ultimate 4-H goal which I am so grateful to have been able to fulfill.

4-H provided me with a new family -
My Council Family.
Now, here’s a question to consider.  How would your life be different if you weren’t involved in your program?  This was a question I was asked during a Speak-Out Panel held at Bucknell University for F.A.C.E. Conference.  That was an extremely difficult question for me to answer.  4-H has always been the greatest component in my life.  Without 4-H, I would not have met all the interesting and committed people I have been fortunate to work with.  Without 4-H, I would not have visited all the new places I have been.  And, without 4-H, I would not have grown into the individual I am today. 

So what is your 4-H story like?  Are you going to make the most out of your 4-H career?  Indulge yourself in all that 4-H has to offer.  Go  ahead and inspire to do more.  Plan new events and commit to new and exciting committees.  Go ahead.  They say that you only regret the things you didn’t do when you had the chance.  Don’t wait. Go.

Until later,

Cassidy Baker
2012/2013 PA 4-H State Council President

"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did."

Samuel Clemens

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