Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How 4-H Has Shaped Me

            I was a shy dove. A few years ago I was hesitant to present my project on the Battle of Camden to my small history class. Naturally, going alone to a state event through the 4-H program was completely terrifying for me. However, last August, I stood in front of everyone at  Pennsylvania State Achievement Days and began my term on Pennsylvania State 4-H Council. I became an outgoing peacock.

Rachel and I at SLC
again with a tree!

Rachel and I at SLC!
I was labeled a “dove” by the personality test we took at my first state leadership conference, meaning that I was friendly and loyal, but reserved and quiet. Thanks to my roommate and current best friend, Rachel, I began to overcome my shyness. From then on, we attended every state and regional 4-H event we could. Soon I could be seen leading county council meetings, conducting workshops at camp, and running around belting out camp songs in my bat suit.

            At our state officer training in September, we took the same personality test. This time I was a “Peacock”, meaning that I am outgoing, talkative, optimistic, and enthusiastic. I hope my enthusiasm for 4-H is contagious as I seek to involve more youth in the program. Through my 4-H experience, I have been transformed from a shy dove into an outgoing peacock.

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