Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Starting my career

I am one lucky graduate.  Most new graduates work part time jobs and are still not sure what they want to do as adults, I'm starting the "foundation" of my career.  If you may not know the foundation is the most important aspect in any situation: building, a team, family, and a career.   When I grow up I want to be a Project Manager in the construction field, in other words.... my Dad's boss.  On a serious note, I want to be the one that does the business side of construction.  I obtained a very strong foundation through farming and 4-H, and every day it seems to get stronger. 

My original plain was just to go to school for Construction Management and become a Project Manager after graduating college.  Lucky for me my dad likes to talk and told his boss my plans.  He was actually looking for another Project Manager and called first dibs on me.  They came up with a plan that I will work in the field for two summers of college and then two summers in the office to get ahold of the ropes.  The Monday after high school graduation I started to work in the field laying pipe. After the first week,  I was in the office, I didn't complain much.  I did a lot of reading in the office, witch I am not used to, but it wasn't too bad, I actually had an idea what it was saying.  Two weeks in the office go by and I am told that I'm going back out to the field.  This time I'm helping build a bridge.  that was a great experience and I now understand why bridges are closed for so long. 

Not only is it nice to get a feel of what I'll be going to college for, but also to get a feel of what actually happens and what's not just shown on a piece in the office.  These two aspects will greatly strengthen my career foundation.

VP of internal Affairs & Sentinel
John Hess Jr.

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