Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, September 11, 2009

The month of August was filled with many different activities that were both time consuming and at sometimes entertaining.

Throughout the month of August I know everyone was trying to soak up the last of summer and the sun. I stayed busy preparing myself for Freshman year of college and with the many 4-H activities Crawford County and Pennsylvania has to offer.

First I participated in Ag Progress Days. I helped with the 4-H booth we had set up. During the three days two State Council members would volunteer at the booth along other 4-H volunteers each day. At this booth we made seed necklaces. These necklaces were used to help interest children and adults in our 4-H science projects as well as the program. I think a majority of the kids and families that visited our booth would agree that it was awesome to make the necklace and have a final product of their own plant. I brought my mom to Ag Progress Days and she commented on the crowds that it attracts and the progression of agriculture and some newer inventions she discovered while walking the grounds.

Next was the Crawford County Fairweek. This was a busy week for myself and many other Crawford, Mercer, Lawrence and Venago County 4-H'ers just to name a few. All these children and young adults ages 5-19 had one thing in common, exhibiting their projects whether it was a 4-H project or a cloverbud project. I myself had a market swine project at the fair, but this was not my only responsibility. I was responsible for helping younger members throughout the barns, I was responsible for promoting the 4-H program, and also to have fun my final year exhibiting a 4-H project. The first Monday of our fair my work brings a company van/busof elders to the fair for a few hours and they ask for volunteers. Well I volunteered. I got to work with one elder who used to be on my street and another I did not know so well. We had a good time though. we visited the different barns, and homeshow buildings. We finished our day with an icecream cone that would benefit the dairy barn exhibitors. Some Highlights of my fairweek included defining 4-H and my experience to this young family from Oregon, being dragged 50 feet by a 300lb pig, my pig laying down while I gave him a bath, and all the questions I was asked by spectators about my pig and why I would ever want to shave his tail.
Just after fair ended we no longer tore down our tents and packed oiur showboxes up and I started school. It took what seemed forever to move in, but I'm here now. I enjoy all of my classes.
I'm looking forward to SLC and meeting everyone! I know it will be an awesome weekend so remember to get your "License to Lead".

See you in October!

Jamie Forinash

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