Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Month of Green!

I hope the Sunshine is shining all across the state on this beautiful afternoon, and that everyone is able to enjoy it either before, during, or after school and work schedules. I know in Edinboro Pennsylvanaia there seems to be not a cloud in the sky. Trust me I'm not complaining, it has been rather gloomy lately.
Throughout this GREEN month of March and I mean literally green, I hope you all celebrated PA 4-H Week in style. I know I did. I posted my facebook profile picture with the New Mexico 4-H Leadership Team with the 2009 PA State 4-H Council, I wore a 4-H shirt everyday, I made 4-H Book marks available in my campus library and I talked a lot about the program to different individuals I encountered. I know especially excited were the elders I work for in the long term care facility where I spend my evenings. They loved listening to my stories of livestock judging and traveling with the council, and they all chuckled over the photos of my projects and myself over the years. Some of the faculty and administration asked me about the program and became very interested in 4-H Capital Days.
Speaking of Capital Days, it is just around the corner!!! I cannot wait for the discussions to begin and for the first amendment to a bill to happen. So Get Ready 4-H and start packing your suitcases because HARRISBURG HERE WE COME!!!

I enjoy making new friends and making 4-H connections, so feel free to friend me on facebook and we can talk about 4-H events and also remember PA 4-H also has a facebook page!!
If you would have any questions visit our website or feel free to email me at

Enjoy the Weather!!!! and if you attend a College/University there's only 5 weeks left of school!!

Jamie Forinash
Vice President of Operations/Internal Affairs

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