Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Time is Flying

Oh my it is hard to believe that the time really is flying by so fast. It's already March and significantly getting closer and closer to SUMMER VACATION!!! Well this month Jeanette Blank, Couincil President, and I attended The College of Ag Capital Day in Harrisburg. We had a lot of fun that day. We met different people who work with the College of Ag and also different legislators throughout the day and while we scooped icecream during the icecream social. I'd like to Thank Jeanette's Wonderful Family for letting me stay with them so that I didn't have to drive such a long distance to Harrisburg all in one trip.
While I was in the Harrisburg area I stopped down to Shippnesburg to spend some time with my friend Caleb on his Dairy Farm. I didn't wake up quite as early as they would usually for milking but I tagged along to get fertilizer and feed the Heifers. I would say my experience that day was more like a job shadowing opportunity and I loved every second of it! While I was there we chatted about MAAC the Mid Atlantic Alliance of Cooperatives, past 4-H and FFA events, and being a State Officer.
REMEMBER:The month of April is Capital Days! So practice your parlimentary procedure, and pack your suitcases becasue it's really gonna rock! I know your State Council is super pumped and ready for that week and your should be too. We can hardly wait to see everyone and meet all the new 4-H'er's to the event.

Enjoy the Sunshine, and remember sometimes it is necessary to apply sunscreen. =)
Have a Happy March!

Jamie Forinash
Council Vice President of Operations/Internal Affaires

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