Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Monday, March 29, 2010

where did the month go???

WOW!!! It almost the end of March already! And that only means I have 5 weeks of school left!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather. I have been very busy this month with not only 4-H but also all my school events. This month I have attended the Lycoming County, County Council meeting where I talked to the teens more about getting involved in 4-H on a state level. I encouraged members to sign up for Capital Days as it is really fun to meet with legislators and talk to them about pretty much anything you would like to. Later in the month i attended a Teen Advisory Committee meeting. I was able to talk to members from different counties about not only what I have been doing but about being on council. It was a great way to promote the 4-H state council to other members and let them know that they can apply from now till state days and even at state days!

During PA 4-H week, I changed my Facebook picture to a council picture to help promote the 4-H program. Also during the week I wore a different 4-H everyday to help people see about the 4-H program and I talk to a few friends about 4-H! They are too old to be members but when I explained all the leadership qualities I have gained through 4-H they wish they had joined when they were able to. They saw that I had so much passion for an organization to wear a shirt to promote the program more. I am working on writting an article about some of the activities in 4-H to submit to be published in a newsletter.

I hope all the members are ready to get their project animals ready for show season or begin that sewing project. I know I am ready! With a yearling horse its been crazy to get him ready as he just wants to play with our pony but he does not want to play. Then over the weekend my sister and I got two baby heifer cows! What a new experience for both of us! I named my white and brown cow nina and my sister named her brown one ninja. Way to stick with the letter N! This is definatly new for us but I know with the help of other 4-H members we will do great!

I hope as April comes around, you get ready for PA Capital Days. Don't forget to brush up on Parli Pro and get ready for a exciting weekend!

Justine Bush

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