Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Fever

I can hardly believe that it is soon the end of March! Where did this month go? I have been busy promoting the 4-H program in what seem like everything I do. At the beginning of the month as a Pennsylvania Maple Princess I competed for the crown of 2010 Queen. During my news paper interview I was able to highlight one event that helped me better prepare myself for the title of queen. Of course I knew 4-H was the only program to pick. Although I did not win the crown it was a great time and I made some amazing memories. This week I am finishing my duties as princess as I attend and promote the maple industry at the Pa Maple Festival. I also have found myself doing small 4-H promotions without even noticing. For example, at events I attend through school. It is funny how a year ago I was shy about talking to people and now everything comes so natural.
Our conference call for this month was cancelled, but we have a lot of exciting events coming up! Next month Capital Days will take place. I am looking forward to this event since this year I will be able to enjoy it more without the stress of it being my first event. Last year at Capital Days, the event marked the first state function our team went to, which meant tons of stress for everyone and new experiences. I also am looking forward to attending a promotion in Philadelphia at the beginning of the next month. I have always wanted to travel there and now I have a perfect reason to go!
I hope to see each of you soon at an event and hope that you are enjoying this nice spring weather!
Your State VP of Events,
Christy Lambert

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