Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, August 30, 2013

One Down, 179 More to Go!

Hello Everyone,

Yep, that's right, school started today for me. New shoes, new school supplies, and of course new clothes I started my junior year off in style. It is always nerve racking for me the first day. Where am I going to sit? Who do I have lunch with? For me, with a last name that starts with A, I always end up sitting right in front of the teacher's desk. So yes, you could say I end up being the good little girl every year. Well lunch that is a whole different story. The three musketeers were reunited this year. Three musketeers you may ask, who are they? Well, they are made up of me and my friends Makayla and Lakyn. We got this name because ever since 7th grade track season we follow each other around like lost puppies. Its going to be an amazing year with them at my side.

Also, I cannot forget to mention, that my mom got us free tickets to see a pirates a game. No biggie, we just had parking pass and where only about ten rows up from the field!!! The night before school starts, my family and I head to Pittsburgh for the game. We made it somehow, after asking an officer for directions to the red parking lot. What an embarrassment!!! It was a great game all in all, even though the pirates lost by one run. Thanks to Somerset Trust Bank for giving us the tickets!

I would like to say thank you everyone that has made this journey for me possible already. Thanks to my family for the support!

And until next time always remember to have fun no matter what you may be up to.


Megan Anderson

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