Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, May 30, 2014

Good bye May 2014! Hello SUMMER!!

May sped by and I'm still wondering where it went but when I stop to think about what I did this month I start to see why it seems like such a blur.  
For school, May is the month to get it all done!  Reports, projects and finals all with deadlines that can't be postponed or ignored.  The End Of Year Family and School Picnic for my school was at Hershey Park. I chatted with all my teachers, had great food and rode the coasters - good times!
Wrestling Off-Season has been an experience I won't soon forget.  Memorial Day weekend I went to Virginia Beach for a tournament.  When we weren't on the mat, we went to the ocean.  I got sunburned - lobster-like is an understatement. 
Perry Co 4-H State Citizenship Day was a blast!  We went to the Capitol and spent time with Representative Keller.  Plus a trip to the Military Heritage Museum and Trail, the fish hatchery, and King's Gap State Park. 
Thinking of Perry Co 4-H event participation - I participated in the Farm Safety Puppet Show.  This is my third year participating in the puppet show.  It's a lot of fun!
Prom 2014 was memorable too.  I went with a friend to Susquenita High School's Jr/Sr Prom.  It was at the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum near Hershey.  I had a good time but couldn't wait to get back into farm clothes. 
May also contained the normal list of 4-H club meetings.  But the high point of May for Perry Co Livestock Club is tag day!  I took 2 hogs, and 2 market wethers for tag day, so add those to the steer, rabbits and dairy goats for my list of projects.  Did I forget to mention that next month I start my projects with my community club too?  This year I'm taking leather, gardening and clay.  
Wow looking at this list of what I did this month, I wonder how I managed it all besides working and classes too.  But when I think about summer, I think about my time as a  4-H State Council Representative coming to an end.  Maybe summer doesn't have to get here so fast after all.  

Until next month, 

H Wyett Johnson

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