Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Time Flies!!

Hello Pennsylvania 4-H,

I feel as though this year has really flown by. It was just last August that I became apart of State Council and in two short months I will be passing it on to a new council.  But before that happens I have  a lot going on!!!!! First I am currently working on my senior project which is spending 72 hours following around a working person in the community. For this I chose to follow Devin Cunningham my Delaware County 4-H Extension Coordinator. On Friday I will conclude working with Devin and go on my summer family vacation to Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio stopping at Pittsburgh along the way to see family. After coming back from Ohio I will then do a presentation on all I have learned shadowing Devin and complete my educational career at Marple Newtown High school. After that it is June 7th where I will be having a face to face meeting at Penn State the heading up to Kentucky for our 4-H exchange trip!!!!! WooHooo! Then I will fly back a day earlier then the rest of the council (I am trying to pack everything so I ding have to check my bag- let's see how that works out) on June 11th. On June 12th I man graduating from Marple Newtown High  School!!!!!!

Well thanks for reading about my upcoming life!

Forever 4-H,
Alexandra Adams
Pennsylvania State 4-H Council Vice President of  Internal Affairs

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