Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, May 25, 2014


On Friday May 23, 2014 I had my senior prom! I was really excited to go to my last prom but also sad too because prom is one of things I will actually miss when I go off to college. Our theme for
prom was the Great Gatsby and it was held in the Watson Inn in the Moon Room which was downstairs. Before prom I went to a pre prom dinner at my friends house and it was good. The decoration were cute and it totally fit the Gatsby theme. Then after dinner we took a lot of pictures and then we were off to prom! The decoration was beautiful! They has mini cupcakes, a champaign bottle filled with bubbles and chocolate coins in a little bag. I also got nominated to be on the prom court for prom queen so I was very excited about that. I didn't get it which was okay I just happy that I got nominated. I will have to say that it was the best prom ever that I been too and I couldn't ask for a better night then spending with my class of 2014 and my awesome friends.

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Divya Reitz

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