Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, May 31, 2014

You Live and You Learn!

Everyday it seems like something new can be learned.  My pap is, well you get how old, and still learns something new each day he says.  As this school year comes to a close I've been writing in a lot of yearbooks and reflecting back on the year.  As I think back there is some much I have learned and I'm not just talking about the math, biology, and chemistry I was forced to learn.

Here is my top eleven things I learned this year!

  1. Double check and even triple check ones work.  Especially when it involves technology!
  2. Every leadership opportunity doesn't always need to be taken.  You may just need a break.
  3. Cramming for a big test doesn't work even when you think it does. Your test score will show it.
  4. Helping someone is a great thing but you can't babysit them as they try and accomplish something.
  5. It's true! You find out who your friends are in life the older you get.
  6. Don't wish for something to be over because when it's over you will want it back.
  7. The harder you work the more luck you seem to have.
  8. Don't judge someone by what someone else thinks of them.  Everyone has their own opinions for a reason.
  9. Ask for help on something. Experts didn't become experts by guessing their way through things.
  10. Get ready for things the night before. Don't set your alarm earlier because we already know morning people are few and far between.
  11. Live in the moment! Don't think about what is going to happen next. Focus on the now!

There are my big life lessens from completing my junior year in high school.  Senior year here I come!

Happy learning,

Megan Anderson

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