Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

4-H and State Council

Well I guess my 4-H and State Council is almost coming to an end. About nine years ago I joined the Pioneer Valley 4-H Club where my sister was in before I joined. When I first joined 4-H I know that for my projects I wanted to do cooking to start and each year I would do a new project. The project I did when I was in Pioneer Valley was cooking, basketry, leathering, babysitting, market lambs, market goats, market swine, and toastmaster. I was also in other club that was County Council where it was open to the County and we would meet once a year at the Extension Office, Hoopla's, and Bowling. I was really sad when my last year showing animals at the Lycoming County fair came to an end. At the Livestock auction I got a 4-H Scholarship for $1200. I will miss all my friends that I have showed with and that I been hanging out every year at the fair. I did cry at the livestock auction after selling my last animal because I knew it was over for me. Through out my 4-H life I have made a lot of friends with other 4-H teens and also adults and they have all been supported towards me when they knew I wanted to either go in the Military or when I wanted to get on the State Council. 4-H did change my life because without 4-H I wouldn't get all this great opportunity or experience that I am or did get. About a year ago I attend State Achievement Days. The first night I was up on the stage doing a one minute about my self and answering a fish bowl question and my question "If I could add a 5th H into the 4-H program what would it be"? and I said Happy! Then the next day I had to do a 10 minute power point presentation about How has 4-H changed my life? That night I got a called saying the I got on the State Council and I was so happy that I got on. My advisor Mya told me that I would be the reporter and I was glad to become that because I knew that I was good at doing that. In August our State Council year began to State Council Training, Farm Show, State Leadership Conference, Capitol Days, and now State Achievement Days. I will miss being on the State Council and friends that I have made from being on the State Council. I will miss all the good times we have from being on State Council even though we had some ups and downs but we all knew that we can do it and we did do it! I will miss every one the State Council Team including Mya and Jared! Thanks for all the love and support I had throughout my 4-H life and State Council year!:)

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