Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, October 31, 2010

As council continues

As our council year continues we are all beginning to become more comfortable with each other learning more and more about each other every time we talk! We are learning to work together better and are having fun doing it. This month we had our first face to face meeting and I think all of council would agree we accomplished alot even though the meeting had to be cut down an hour do to half of council traveling to Bucks County (Close to the Jersey line) to help with their officer training on Friday night!! The officer training was a learning experience for not only the kids attending but council also because there were 3 of us each teaching a different office at the same time with different slide shows in the same room. A challenge yes, but we did it and I think the kids got alot out of it. The meeting the next day was fun. With council dressed up in there favorite Halloween costumes from Jersey shore characters to Batman, and even a pirate everyone looked great. We all had fun working on our State Leadership Conference. We are working hard making it a State Leadership Conference no one will forget. Council keeps us busy with monthly activities but we do not only promote 4-H together at state events we go back to our counties and work just as hard to promote 4-H. This month was a busy month for all 4-Hers since we had National 4-H week at the beginning of this month and alot of counties are wrapping up the year getting ready for a new one. In my home county (Somerset county) we had our awards banquet where I was asked to give a brief description of State leadership conference. I then did community service work at Red Ribbon Kickoff in my county promoting 4-H to the less fortunate kids in my county. Along with all my 4-H activities I have to keep up on my school but yet I still look forward to all the 4-H activities to come and am already excited to start the month off preparing for the farm show with my animals and with my square dance team. So as I finish up this post I would like to say Happy Halloween and have a safe and happy month until next time my fans!!

Your State Council
Vice President of Operations
Echo Kincaid

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