Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let the Journey Begin!

I had always lived in my sisters’ shadows doing the same activities they did but this year I wanted to change that. I wanted to step out of their shadows and start my own journey in the 4-H program.

While talking with my extension educator, the subject of State 4-H Council was brought to my attention. She told me that it would be a great opportunity for me because it stands for everything that I was looking for. I wanted to gain more experience in 4-H, make a difference in the program, and finally do something that was my own. I filled out the application and waited until I heard information back on what was going to happen at State 4-H Achievement Days. I was given the requirements and got to work! I wrote a one minute speech, a presentation on the Impact 4-H has had on my life, and prepared myself as best as I could for the interview. I gave it my best and I finally heard back that I had made it on the 2011 State 4-H Council! I was so ecstatic that it didn’t even matter to me if I had an officer position or not. To my surprise, I was named as the Vice President of Operations! I was so proud of myself that I had accomplished my goal and was given the opportunity of a lifetime!

The first event, as part of the new council, was Ag. Progress Days. It was the first time I attended and certainly will not be my last! I had a blast working at the Youth Building and meeting people from all over the state. Next came the Training weekend. At first, I had my doubts to whether I was capable of taking on my duties and making it through the year. But as the weekend went on, our council became more of a team and started to help each other get through the long and tiring weekend. They helped me bring my spirits back up and reassured me that I was capable of the responsibility. I am so grateful to have a supportive council and I cannot wait to get started working with them and representing the State 4-H Program!

Liz McAndrew
State 4-H Council Vice President of Operations

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