Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, March 1, 2014

An Ode to 4-H

Hello 4-H loves!
February is over, and love it or hate it, one of the main events of February is Valentine's Day. So whether or not you had a Valentine this year, we all love something in common: 4-H!
So I guess it's the perfect occasion for a cheesy 4-H love poem. I apologize in advance.

Clovers are green,
Ribbons are blue,
Oh, 4-H,
I love you!
Piggies are pink,
Steer are black,
The memories 4-H has given me
I would never give back.
Needles are silver,
Flowers are every color,
4-H has given me an experience
Like no other.
Tractors are green,
Well, sometimes they’re red,
I don’t know the difference
So my opinion will remain unsaid.
Cookies are brown,
Sheep are white,
with the skills I’ve learned in 4-H,
I’ve soared to a new height.
Council polos are navy,
Leadership is gold,
I will remember 4-H
Even when I’m old.
Reserve Grand Champion is purple,
Best of Show is also purple,
I’ll finish my poem now
Since nothing rhymes with purple.

Have a marvelous March!
Sophie Hutchinson, Council Representative

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