Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Closed Again!


Grab the milk, grab the bread it's going to snow, AGAIN! Like most of Pennsylvania, I have had my fair share of snow this month.  School has been closed more times than I can think of.  Two hour delays have become the new normal.  The last full week of school I had was who knows how many moons ago.  It's all going to be just peachy because spring is right around the counter, I hope!

Its great to see cornstalks again!

It might not be the official start of spring but track season is when spring starts for me.  My season starts the first week of March. Lately I have been trying to run has often has possible but with the never ending snow we have gotten it has been very tricky.  Mark my words this weekend I will go for a run.  That is before we get smacked with another shot of cold weather.

A new addition to the barn.  

Don't get me wrong, I have greatly enjoyed the snow we have had.  I have build snow forts, went snowboarding, got hit with a few snowballs, and build a few snowman but spring can not come soon enough. I huge sign that spring is approaching is all the new baby animals that are popping up everywhere. There's lambs taking there first breath, baby pigs drinking that first sip of milk, and goat kids taking their first wobbly steps.  There is nothing more amazing than watching baby animals take off.

As sick is everybody may be of snow, cold, and wind come July everybody will be wanting this weather back.  The cycle of life, "Where's winter" " I can't want for summer".  Take this snow and enjoy it, we will blink again and summer will be here!

Happy sledding,

Megan Anderson

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