Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My First SLC

Hello PA 4-H!

During the month of January, I was very busy with council doing so many fun things I never would have known about 4-H if I was not part of the council team. I attended the Farm Show and meant so many great people. There are so many things that happen  at Farm Show I had no idea happened. I'm so glad to share all those experiences with my council team, but what I really want to talk about is my very first SLC.

Like many 4-Her's in my area, I had no idea that 4-H offered Leadership events, but because of running for State Council, I got to enjoy the State Leadership Conference. I'm sure it was quite the different experience for me because I was behind the scenes, but it was still so amazing. I never knew so many 4-Hers from across the commonwealth came together at one large event. I learned so much just from being there and helping presenters.

Opening ceremonies was so amazing, and the speaker, Cecil Shelton, taught me a great deal about superheroes and the true meaning behind being one. I meant so many 4-H kids and learned their stories. I got to work with two amazing workshop leaders who taught me about citizenship and the importance of health and fitness. I guess I could say the dances were fun too! Saturday nights dinner was so amazing and hearing Mr. Ben Glenn speak was the chance of a life time. Hearing his story and how he over came it changed my mind set towards certain things.

I have to say my first SLC was so amazing. I made so many great memories with 4-Hers from across Pennsylvania, my council team, and Rachel and Cody, two Kentucky State Officers. I wouldn't change my experiences on council for anything. Although it may be challenging at times, State Council is an amazing thing to be part of. I loved SLC and wish I could experience it as a delegate!

For those of you who missed the council superheroes at SLC, don't forget to sign up for Capital Days! I can't wait to share my adventures in February!

Signing off,
Kaitlin Rogers

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