Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, February 28, 2014

Southwest Regional Leader Symposium

Greetings PA 4-H!

Two weeks ago on Friday and Saturday, I attended the Southwest Regional Leader Symposium! For those of you who don't know about it, it's like a smaller version of the State Leadership Conference or it's about the same as a regional teen leader retreat, but the difference is, it's for the adult leaders! It was certainly a really enjoyable experience.

On Friday night, I welcomed the leaders, told them a little about Indiana county, and told them about myself and what I do as a state officer.
Introduction aka impromptu speech aka "Wait, I'm speaking?"
After that, it was off to the evening workshops! I was in a communications workshop and the presenter was my extension agent, Carol Schuman. She started off the workshop by playing with Playdoh! She had everyone use the Playdoh to make something that they enjoyed about 4-H. We had everything from pigs to campers at camps. Then she had me do a presentation that I've done very well with at competitions so that the people could see an example of a good presentation. 
Presentation time!

Then we had a presentation that would have been by Christy Bartley, but she couldn't attend that weekend. The presentation was about things that the state staff would like help improving and we (the leaders and a few teens) brainstormed ideas about how to change help.

The next day I did a workshop that Christy was going to do, but as I said before she wasn't able to be there because of weather. The workshop was about opportunities outside your county, and luckily, I had done almost all of the things that were in the presentation, so I was able to talk about them easily and give first hand accounts! It was my first workshop and I really liked doing it! After that, I had a few more workshops before we called it quits to a really great weekend!

Lunch with a (hopefully) future council applicant!

Jesse Isenberg
2013/2014 Pennsylvania State 4-H Council
Vice President of Operations

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