Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, January 31, 2014

Brrrr. A Winter Update

Hey Everyone!

January came and went and man was it a blast of cold air! The local temperatures in Franklin County frequently dipped below zero over the last month and I have got to say that I can't wait for warmer weather! This month was, despite the cold, incredible! Between Farm Show, SLC and Midterms, it was absolutely crazy as well!

This years Farm Show was my first ever and I have got to say it was amazing! There was so much to see and to do that by the end of our very first day there I was ready to come back next year! Our first night we went to the PA Preferred Reception, where we first helped people to find it, and then networked with all sorts of people. For instance, we met the Alpaca Princess who we found out was actually in her second term as princess! How cool is that? I didn't even know there was an Alpaca Princess! Our next event was Opening Ceremonies. We met our fellow friends the FFA State Officers there and we caught up with each other while we were getting ready for the ceremony. We also worked in two of the food booths, which I thought was a great experience. We also attended the FFA Mid-Winter Convention to support Lydia as she got her Keystone Award! Congrats to Lydia!

SLC came next, which as you all know, was seriously fun! I really enjoyed the Clown Nose Club's activities, where I met some pretty cool 4-Her's! You guys Rock! Dressing up as Hawkeye and helping out in workshops really made this experience special! And I really can't say enough about the Neon Dance! Seeing everyone decked out and glowing under the black lights was really something else!

My Midterms were a bit of a letdown in between such awesome events as SLC and Farm Show, but alas, I needed to take them! Luckily they weren't too difficult and I quickly moved past them in anticipation of the last semester of High School I'll ever have. I have Clay and Civics and Photography this semester, so I'm really looking forward to showing some of my creativity and also learning about our country!

Respectfully Wishing for warmer weather,
Your State Council Historian
Amber J Pound

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