Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, January 31, 2014

"Flappy bird lifestyle"

How many of you have heard of the new game thats taking the nation by storm? Well if you haven't go download It right now! Flappy bird is a very addicting, nerve challenging, and reaction game. Once you start you won't be able to put game down! The game consists of a tiny bid that has to fly between two green pipes with out touching either of them or it sounds pretty easy but I can promise you it is one of the hardest games you will ever play! Ever since I downloaded it I couldn't stop playing and people would tell me how much of a wast of time it was and how dumb it was, and You know what they were right, the game it's self was stupid but the in depth life lesson I took from it wasn't so stupid. You see flappy bird is a very unpredictable game you could be doing good and boom the phone could lag and you hit a pipe and die at level 5 or you could be doing really good and end up at level 250 or so on. No matter what level you get to when you hit a pipe you are back at square one... This is a lot like life or situations in your life. In life you could be doing really well but the all of a sudden something takes takes a turn for the worst and you find your self in a bad situation and when it's all said and done you find yourself right back where you started, just like the bird does. And you know what... He doesn't give up he starts over and gets his wings flappin and makes it to a higher level! That's a lot like success in life when you get knocked down you get back up brush off the dust and try a little harder to go a little farther in life! So look all I'm saying is there are always lessons to be taken out of the most random stuff in life so don't let anyone tell you that something isn't worth your time because depending on the value of it to you maybe it is worth something! I hope you guys really think about this next time someone says that so you can look at at them and say, "Hey you know what... im living the flappy bird lifestyle".

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