Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Capital Days

Hello fellow 4-H'ers, as many of you know we just recently had our 4-H state capital days! Mannnn was it fun! I had gone to the event in the past and let's just say it wasn't my most favorite state event. Mainly because I'm not big on  doing government things it's never been my strong point. However this year being on state council and getting to help plan for the event was a huge honor and I found that it was a lot more fun this year! First off Friday the council members assembled at the Hilton hotel in Harrisburg for a day of planning and training. I unfortunately was not able to make it right away because of school but, when I got there we did a few little workshops and then went out to eat. The next day is when all the fun started.  It was time for the kids to show up and we had a lot in store for them such as a fun little superhero themed skit before dinner and a few workshops all went well! By the way if you didn't hear there was another "Dark Clover" incident...He stole the seal to citizenship! We weren't able to catch him but we found some clues and we might be able to catch him at state days! Anyway after Saturday came Sunday ( obviously) and we were all anticipating the big debate on the bill! Let me tell you if you weren't at capital days you sure did miss a good bill debate! Also the delegates and council paid a visit to the Capitol for a tour and it was very interesting! Myself and Amber pound found a part inside the Capitol that looked like a tic tac toe board so what did we do...snapchatted it and played haha it was a creative new way to play the game! We were so happy with how everyone was participating and enjoying the Capitol tour and the debate! When Sunday night center to and end I had to pack up because I had to leave a bit early Monday for an appointment which was sad cut this was the day we got to talk with our legislators! Even though I missed it I heard a lot of great things!

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