Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Monday, April 28, 2014

Acceptance Student Day!

I can't believe that my school at Muncy High School years are almost over. On saturday April 26 Lock Haven University hosted an event for all the incoming freshman and let me tell you it was a really fun. I got to talk to some of the facualty before the students had to go to a different building to talk to the student who already go there. I though it was really nice that student that go to Lock Haven to talk about Lock Haven and how it is a really great school to go. After that all happen the students broke us up into a group with whatever color you had and you would spend the day with them. Well I would have to say that I really liked my group. I like that we did ice breakers to get to know eachother, then we did a game call what to bring to a pinic, and then we did a scavenger hunt around the whole campus. After we did all we go to go each lunch in our group and then we took a class picture. Towards the end of the event they had a mini carnival with games, food, music, and performance. I would have to say that I really enjoyed spending the day at the college that I will attending to for four years and meeting new people. I can't wait to become a college student!

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