Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We are the future of Agriculture

Hi All,
This month has been very busy for those of us in the agricultural industry. It seems as though the warm weather is upon us so that we can finally get back into the fields and work. April always was a favorite time of the year for me for many reasons. One of those reasons was because everything is alive and full of growth. This also means that it’s time for us to start prepping the fields to plant, a task that I was never asked twice to do. This is one of the places that developed my love for agriculture and that I wanted to do something that involved the agricultural industry, and follow in my family’s long line of agriculturalists. All that time that I spent out there with my dad and grandfather developed my knowledge that no book will ever teach me. (Books are great for teaching don’t get me wrong). When I was a little boy, if my parents couldn’t find me, all they would have to do is go out in the barn and there I was admiring Pappy’s Massey Harris 44. That was the first tractor that the family ever owned and bought new back in 1949 when they switched from horses to tractors. I am the current owner of this tractor and the 4th generation to own it. At the family farm, they would have field demonstrations from the local dealers that sold Massey Harris and McCormick International tractors and implements. They had field demonstrations for local farmers to convince them to buy the best “new” machine out there. Sadly, the family farm was sold after my great-grandfather passed away.  I always loved listening to my grandfather talk about back on the farm and the old black and white photos, that when you looked at them, it was like I could picture it in my mind and be a part of it. Those talks with my grandfather concreted the fact that I will be in the field of agriculture and farming. The 4-H program also was a big part of developing my career path. 4-H has taught me how to keep good records of my projects. It shows you skills that you will need to know in the field. A couple years back my family’s longtime friend, Mr. Barron “Boots” Hetherington asked me at farm show what I would like to pursue as my career choice. I had not hesitated and replied I want to be a farmer. He kind of chuckled and we started talking about the agricultural industry. At the end of the conversation, he had me convinced at that moment what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am still going to be a farmer and keep true to my family roots but back in sixth grade, I knew from that point forward, I wanted to go into agricultural engineering and designing tractors or agricultural equipment for one of the big agricultural companies and still take over the family farm. Now next fall, I will be attending college for agricultural engineering and diesel technology. This is all one great step in creating my career within the agricultural community because I AM part of THE FUTURE of AGRICULTURE. The Future of Agriculture is in our hands. We need that next generation to take over because this brings about one of my favorite sayings, “No Farms No Food.”

Brendin Freeman

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