Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, November 28, 2013

An Exciting Month It Has Been

What a month November has been. I had such a surprise this month while I was showing rabbits at the Lebanon valley rabbit breeders show on Saturday November 9. At this show I took second in reserve in show this was a huge shock to me and the biggest award that I got at showing at an ARBA sanctioned show. In the month of November was a very rewarding time for me and to be thankful of what good parents I have they showed me how hard work pays off and that was proven to me the night of the 15 at our 4-H achievement banquet. At this event I had the opportunity to talk to all of the members in attendance from various 4-H clubs in Schuylkill County and tell them about what we do in my county 4-H is manly all livestock and horse clubs but until next month we will be starting a Poultry and also a shooting sports club. I explained how in 4-H there are people with a little or no agricultural background. Witch in our county is unheard of because we all have some sort of an agricultural background because 4-H in our county was all that it consisted of. It was nice to get to sit down at the annual PA farm bureau meeting and talk about agriculture to the Young farmer and rancher committee. We also went down to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and spoke with the Secretary of Ag Sec. Grieg. While there we also visited the different labs there and learned what they do. Now I’m getting ready to jump on a plane and head down to Georgia for National 4-H Congress I can’t wait to meet new people and learn how 4-H is in other states compared to here in our state of Pennsylvania.

Happy Holidays,
 Brendin Freeman

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