Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Mustache You A Question...

But I'll shave it for later.

Badum tisss.

Hey guys, now that I've gotten my lame No-Shave November joke out of the way, lets get down to business (to defeat the puns). Wow that was terrible wasn't it?

Anyhow, It's time to get cereal with this.

November has come, and its about to be gone so let's recap. On the 18th I talked at my counties Recognition Night about my experience on Council, and I think it went splendidly. I talked about all the things we'd done so far and all the things still to come. I invited them all to consider Capital Days and SLC and State Days, so helpfully the crowd from Franklin will be, well, an actual crowd this upcoming year.

On the 20th we toured the PA Dept. of Agriculture and met the Secretary! It was a very exciting building, and we learned a lot about what the Department did. The etymology was really cool if slightly terrifying. We saw a GIANT beetle with leathery wings and a very large locust. Like Biblical plague type locusts, although I've been reassured that these type won't be swarming any time soon. Whew.

On a more personal note, we've already put up the Christmas tree at work! I was the one who got to set it up in our lobby actually! T'was very exciting for me. I felt a little bit like Santa Claus to be honest.

Here's looking forward to Christmas,
Your State Council Historian,
Amber J Pound

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