Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Fun

Hello there,

Can you believe that fall is here? It has finally come, numerous fairs, are in the air and the fair season is starting to wind down. The month of September seems to have flown by. I had a lot of fun attending the Denver and Bloomsburg Fairs. I showed at the Denver Fair and placed very well with my animals. I had a lot of fun and met a couple of new people and made some new friends.

Next I attended the 4-H and Extension Tailgate.. While at the tailgate I got to speak with the people that fund the program and also other 4-H members that were there to talk about their projects. It was neat to see what they learn about from 4-H and what kind of interests that they have in the 4-H program.

I attended the Schuylkill County 4-H development board meeting and learned how they make 4-H possible throughout my County. I had a lot of fun learning,  I never knew how much behind the scenes work is needed to be done to make the program work for the year.

Then I was off to boro days in Schuylkill Haven. At boro days I was there educating the public about 4-H. I also brought a rabbit along for the kids to play with and to teach them about rabbits. There I met our county fairs royalty for 2013 they were very interested in learning about the program. It was interesting to learn about how they promote events too. Photo: The 2013 Schuylkill County Fair roialty with 4-H State Council Representative Brendin Freeman promoting Schuylkill County Fair and 4-H. at Schuylkill Haven Borough days.

That night I attended the Bloomsburg Fair. I was very surprised how big the fair is when I was there I met up with Wyett and asked him how the fair went for him. I walked around the fairground soaking in all the sites (this fair was really big compared to the fairs that I usually attend). I found out for next year how I could show at the fair and I got all set up for next year.

KILE is upon us right now and I cannot wait to attend New Holland Farmers Fair and the Manheim Community Farm Show hope to see you there

Brendin Freeman

Council Representative

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