Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Monday, September 30, 2013

I Win at Life

Hey PA! (Cool that rhymes!)

So I just found out how to make this blog look pretty. Expect every one of my blog posts from now on to be in color, because I like colors. This month will be the color grey because that was the color of my awesome team at the Lawrence County 4-H Teen Council retreat called The Game of Life: 4-H Edition! 

Dylan Levan (who was on the lame pink team... just kidding Dylan!) and I as well as former Council members John Hess and Cassidy Baker (who both by a weird chance of luck happened to be on the amazing grey team with me) attended this event last weekend. The basic concept of the weekend was to learn and have fun at the workshops while simultaneously competing against other teams to move your game piece forward on the giant game board. The winners won a free t-shirt!

Guess who got a free t-shirt...
(it wasn't the pink team.)

This is the famous game board!

Another normal day where John Hess dresses up like a girl.

There was a glow in the dark dance on Saturday night! This is the whole group together.

The grey team included Cassidy Baker as our leader, John Hess, Taylor White, and myself. We were the only college students there and purely by coincidence we got put in the same group.

Dylan. Wearing lipstick. Yes, this really happened. 

Not 5 minutes later, Dylan could be seen with a complete peanut butter facial.

In order for October to be as awesome as September, I would have to own a pet unicorn and win a lifetime's supply of Nutella. 

Have a fabulous October!
Sophie Hutchinson
Council Representative

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