Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, December 1, 2013


We all know that thanksgiving is all about the good food, football and family time, but do we ever stop and just take it all in and think to ourselves what we are really thankful for? I'm not talking about being thankful for you iPod or your car or material items like that I'm talking the things in life that put us here I this earth. For example just think if if Squanto and the pilgrims never met or never got along would we be here? If Britain would have won't the revolutionary war would we be here? These are the things in life you should be thankful for. Without these events who know what could have happened by now. On this holiday season I am thankful for our country's founding fathers and thankful for how they never have up on a dream of freedom!
   Don't get me wrong I'm not saying you can't be thankful for like your family and friends and events and activities in your life, because you can be just also in the back of your mind be thankful that you are here! After all the holidays are all about families and spending time with each other! Family time is something we shouldn't take for granted either because someday you will be going off to college and starting a new life for yourselves with out them always there, so take advantage of the time you have over the holidays and be thankful for them as well!
   Lets not lie we all do have those cherished items in our lives like iPods and stuff like that that we are thankful for but, do you know why you have those items? You have those things because of family members and because of freedom so to wrap this all up for you when you guys are laying on the couch after you are all that delicious turkey just think.... What am I really thankful for this holiday season? Any way you answer that question is the right way!
-happy holidays every one:)

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