Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Monday, December 30, 2013

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

The stocking are hung on the door with care, awaiting the candy, lotion, and iTunes card I get every year.  Now it might not be Christmas Eve anymore but I still love a good Christmas tune every now and again.  Hearing the Christmas songs gone from the radio and Christmas decor down from the walls could only mean one thing the New Year is here! Before the ball drops and the confetti flies let me rewind how my year has been, well just December that is.

This month started out like any December has for years, deer hunting.  Do I have very good luck hunting? Most certainly not.  The joke is that I just shoot so they run faster passed the next guy.  Can you believe I saw the same buck twice in one day and missed him twice?  It was OK though the hunter above me killed him. The snow during deer season was wonderful but not so much for state council members.

Well you see, our December meeting got cut short do to some snow flurries.  Such a shame because we were working on some magnificent things for the State Leadership Conference.  With State Council I also had the opportunity to attend the 4-H Lady Lions Basketball game.  Boy was it fun for this girl,  seeing the players so close and having their coach talk to us was really special.  The cool thing was Penn State won! WE ARE PENN STATE!

As school whines down to the last few days before break most students get pretty rambunctious. Around my school we really do because there is this little thing called the Christmas Pep Rally.  Its not really little nor does it give as a reason to settle down a little, it whines us up.  All it really comes down to is a battle between the grades of who has the most class spirit and which can make the most noise.  Sorry neighbors ;) Each class has a color they represent. Seniors are red, juniors are green, sophomores are blue, and the freshman are yellow. There is a winner every year, can you guess who?


Cheering on the one hand gift wrappers

I'm holding the zero

The decorating crew

Now my favorite part of December, Christmas!  My Christmas's are always special, grandma makes a whopping amount of food,  laughter is always going on, and I can't forget the comments that made. Here are some of my favorite.
  • "We gotta cut the ham, we are eating in five minutes." At seven in the morning.
  • "I think someone is hard of hearing in there and it isn't Gram."
  • "Now you bring the good stuff after I already stuffed myself."
  • "I got some iTune thingy."
  • "Is that that bling stuff?"
  • "Grandma's got a snowboard!"
  • "Mom, you were worried about my loud mouth?" As my aunt screams at the Steeler's players. 
  • "I was going to smash him with a two by four if he didn't pop the question soon." 
You can see what kind of family I have.  This year I'm putting a new meaning to 12 days of Christmas. As of right now I am still waiting on one gift, its gift number four that UPs will deliver since Christmas.  

Has December comes to a close so does time left before Farm Show. Am I going to miss the late nights, early mornings,  walking livestock in the wind,  the cold or the radio playing has they finish up their feed, YES!  But what I will really miss is Pap having hot water ready for me in the mornings and my younger cousins helping me.  "No, Megan I'll do it."  They are four and eight years old and most days I believe they do more than some adults.  

The ribbons fade the buckles tarnish, but in showing livestock the memories last forever!

Its been and amazing year and I can't wait for what the New Year has in store for me.

Happy holidays,

Megan Anderson

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