Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An Ending... or a New Beginning?

Hello PA 4-H!!

As many of you are well aware (Some very annoyed, I'm sure) Graduation, end of the season banquets and SUMMER are all right around the very bendy, twisty, never ending corner. Am I right? Well going into all of these "last ever" experiences, I'm not sure how to feel. Am I happy because the last thirteen years of school are over? Do I feel sad because a chapter in my life is closing? Or do I just feel extremely stressed because everything is happening so fast I can't manage to get my head around it? Unfortunately, I seem to have chosen the latter. The senior activities, the last few days of track practice, the graduation parties, the college new student orientation, and the dreaded graduation day are driving me crazy. Most days I come home from school and sleep for hours before finally going to bed at night. And on top of all the stress, my mother wants me to get a job, like seriously mom?!

Like the stress from graduation isn't bad enough, the stress from finishing out my last high school track season was plenty. I pole vault for my high school, which is quite unique, so unique that we couldn't find a coach, so there I am, a student athlete, coaching three freshman how to fling their bodies in the air without dying. I gave up my time to teach them what they needed to know to succeed, but was it worth it? The feeling they had when achieving at the sport was amazing, but because I constantly put them first, I only finished third in the league, 6 inches off of my high school record. It was a crazy season, being responsible for everyone else, filling out paper work, making sure everyone had a pole, getting them to weigh-ins, creating practices, and workout schedules. I look back now thinking, how in the world did I do that! I guess one would say that was the moment I realized I was ready for the "real world".

I'm nervous for college, to start a new job (my first job ever!!!), and to become the new pole vaulting coach at my high school. I keep telling myself you won't die, college isn't going to be the end of you and you will not drop out after one semester. Some how I'll get through it all, and although excepting that fact that I am "growing up" was difficult, it helped take some of the constant stress off. In the end, I've decided that it isn't an ending at all, it is a new beginning. Which then gets a person to thinking, is anything ever an ending, or is it all just a new beginning? I just blew everyone's minds I know, crazy right?? It's my new found adult knowledge (or that is what I'm going to tell myself). Now that I have found my "new" self, I'm ready for graduation, ready to meet this "new beginning" in the eye so it knows not to mess with me. I can't wait to see what the summer and this job situation brings! I'll update you on my new adult journey!!

Farewell old me, Hello new improved adult Kaitlin!!

Have a great June Everyone! Congrats Grads!

Kaitlin Rogers
2013-2014 PA4-HSC Vice President of Events

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