Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Monday, June 2, 2014

Living in Fast-Forward

“The body’s a temple, that’s what were taught, but I’ve treated this one like an old honky tonk…. Cause I been living in fast-forward, hillbilly rock star out of control. I’ve been living in fast-forward, now I need to rewind real slow” –Kenny Chesney

 What’s up 4-H!? It’s not often that I blog about my past month, but I’ve been so many awesome experiences that I can’t help but share it with you. So without further ado, here we go!
For me, May started in the Penn State Altoona library. Literally. At midnight, I was in the library working on my final research paper for my English class, which just happened to be the last of 4 papers I had to write that week. The last week of classes were a lot more stressful for me then finals week itself, but thanks to my almost permanent residence in the library, I made it through. I passed my two finals the next week, and on May 8th I was officially moved back home and on summer break!

Here is where the story starts to get hectic. The very next day, Friday the 9th, I took my friend Ali to her senior prom. It was great to see all of my friends again and a great chance to relax after two hard weeks of academia. However I wasn’t able to stay out to late with them, as I had to be up at 7 the next morning for an all-day State Council meeting. A lot of good things came out of that meeting, and
ow I can’t wait for everyone to experience the State Days we have planned out! (Even if I have to hang up my blazer afterwards)

I got to enjoy a nice mother’s day with my family, but I also had to pack a suitcase. Early the next morning, I boarded a flight to Colorado, where I spent the next 8 days traveling around the state with members of the Penn State Teach Ag! Society. We visited agriculture education programs, networked with ag professionals, and still managed to take time to be tourists and relax. Being at a branch campus, I enjoyed the chance to interact with others in my major and get a first-hand look at classroom teaching. It renewed my belief that I have chosen the right career path for myself. I can’t wait to teach ag!

After the trip was over, I got home at 3:30 in the morning and was up to start my first day of work at 9a.m. This summer I am working as a grounds keeper/laborer for a local man with a small hobby farm. It means 40 hour weeks of manual labor, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I have been putting in shift work ever since, looking forward to our next State Council event. Remember when Rachel and Cody from Kentucky’s State Council came to visit us at SLC? Well in less than a week, we will be on the road to Kentucky to visit Kentucky 4-H at their State Days!

Sometimes I do feel worn out and tired by all of this traveling, but with so many awesome things to do and look forward to it is definitely all worth it. It won’t be long before I have to hang up my blazer and subsequently age out of 4-H, so I intend to make the most of these last 2 months… living in fast forward!

“Yeah I need to rewind real slow……. But I’ve still got some miles to go”!!!!

Nate Repetz
2013/2014 PA 4-H State Council

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