Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, June 28, 2014

June According to Amber

Hello everyone!

June has been a whirlwind of craziness from beginning to end! I have finally graduated! The ceremony took place on Friday, the 13th and, true to form for all unlucky days, it didn't go off perfectly. Rather. it was postponed for a whole hour due to rain. And while we grads were snug and bored inside the the auxiliary gym, our poor parents were stuck in the bleachers, forced to wait out a near torrential rainfall. but we persevered! We waited for the clouds to dry up a little, and processed onto the field in the midst of a refreshing mist/ The rain drizzled for the entire two hour ceremony, and we tried our best to keep our diplomas dry for the duration. Luckily, the rain stopped just in time for our families to come down to the field with us for pictures and hugs! After graduation I had a few days of work, work, work before I attended my college orientation at Shippensburg University!

Orientation was a blast! I learned some cool new mixers that my camp-oriented brain immediately latched onto, and I made a few friends in my major! My official major is English/Secondary Certification with a minor in German. I scheduled my first semester's worth of classes and thanks to a little finagling I don't have a single class until 11;00. Any day of the week! I am super excited I managed to avoid the dreaded 8:00 o'clock lecture, and I'm super stoked to start classes on August 25th!

After orientation it was more work, work, work!  I'm saving up to buy myself my very own car this summer! I have my eye on the perfect one! Its a  '94 Grand Cherokee. I saw it one day as I was driving home, and I fell in love! Hopefully by the end of july it will be mine! (I'll keep you posted.)

Tomorrow I leave for Summer Camp! This is my favorite time of the 4-H year, for obvious, camp-related reasons. This Yer's theme is Secret Agent, which means exciting things for our campers! Here's hoping everything goes well! See you in July!

Amber J Pound
Council Historian

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