Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Destination: GRADUATION!



As May comes to a close I would just like to take this moment to offer my congratulations to everyone who will graduate in the next two weeks! We survived Senior-itis, and the Junior Juncture,  We made it through the Sophomore Slump and the Freshman Freak-out . We survived Middle School and Elementary School and we fondly remember the halcyon days of Kindergarten.
We've survived the K-12 and now we're on to bigger and better pursuits! Whether that be a College, a Technical School or straight into the workforce, I wish you the best of luck! 

May is always a crazy month between AP testing in the beginning and yearbooks and Color Day towards the end. I actually don't know how many schools host a Color Day, but ours is pretty epic.

Color Day is this contest between the classes that my school runs every year. You wear your class colors and your class t-shirt, and then there's a contest for best decorated car as well. People get really into the car contest, but since I'm not allowed to drive to school (unfortunately) I don't get to participate in that. Anyways the first half of the day is a lot like a field day, different clubs sell stuff, Phantom Shadow brings in blow up stuff, there are games and you can just sorta roam the school. Its the best part of Color Day. And then ts off to the gym for the AFS Talent Show, which is run by the American Field Services advisor and Herr Unruh, my favorite German teacher. They showcase the foreign exchange students by asking them silly questions like, what's your favorite thing about America? To which the Austrian student from last year replied "the girls". The entire auditorium lost it. Our school has never before been treated to such hilarity. Anyhow, after the talent show its down to the gym for The Games! 

The Games are where the real competition kicks in. Each class creates their own game for 12 - 15 players, (usually a relay of some sort) and they send 12-15 players to represent the class and hopefully shame the losing classes. There's one winner per game, and at the end whoever has the most points wins! In case of a tie (which happened last year) its a sudden death tug-of-war. My class, the Class of 2014, has won the last two years, and this year we're pulling for a three-peat! Here's to hoping for another win and a successful color day!

I personally both love and hate color day this year though. On the one hand, FIELD DAY! but on the other, THE SCHOOL YEAR IS ENDING, HIGH SCHOOL IS ENDING, MY FRIENDS ARE LEAVING THE STATE. Oh GOD WHAT DO I DO? So, there's that. I feel like this is kind of an emotional run-up to State Days, because its fun event with a lot of emotions tied into it. Oh gosh, lets hope I can prepare myself. 

So here's to you Class of 2014, Don't panic. This is just the beginning.

Amber J Pound
Council Historian

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