Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Little Halloween Treat

Trick or Treat!

It's Halloween everybody! I love this holiday! Mostly because candy.

But my absolute favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up because I love costumes!! (Go figure.)

So I'm going to have a little Throwback Thursday and show you some of the crazy, creative, weird and wonderful outfits I have worn as a 4-Her...

Once upon  time, my 4-H friends and I decided that wearing costumes around the fairgrounds was a GREAT idea. We dressed up in crazy mismatched outfits and fabulous blue wigs and paraded through the barns like it was any normal day.
One of the things I used to do with some of my friends in the club was participate in the talent show at the fair.  Our signature act was putting together a short cheer and dance routine. We had a lot of fun dressing as cheerleaders, although I'm not sure how we made a connection between 4-H and cheerleading.

Camp Counselor Training 2011! This was taken after each group performed their skits. Yeah. I'm that girl dressed up as Batman. Cause I was a really cool kid.

This was probably my favorite year as a Jr. Camp counselor.  My group and I got dressed up in their finest outfits for the costume contest and fashion show, which we took first place in! Does that blue wig on the boy in the back dressed as Katy Perry look familiar to anyone?

I served a year as the Venango County 4-H Queen, which basically meant that I got to run the awards ceremonies throughout the year, make special appearances at events, and go to National Congress.  Plus I got an excuse to wear a sparkly crown. BONUS!

Another year at 4-H in the Mall, and I'm up to my usual shenanigans which include trying to get away with riding those baby rides outside of the stores.  My thought process at the time was probably along the lines of "nobody will recognize me in this lovely Clover Bear costume, lets ride an airplane like it's nobody's business!" Clearly though, I was caught in the act. No regrets.

Here's me and my crazy friends at the fair one year. I must think I'm Batman or something (shhhh) because this is the second time I make the life decision to wear this costume for 4-H.  The blue wig also makes another appearance.

Looking fiiiine at the 4-H Jr. Camp fiesta, where for some reason I was inspired to channel my inner Mexican spirit by wearing a tiny sombrero and posing for a picture next to my friend sporting a lovely mustache. The things we do to entertain the kids at camp...

I've had a lot of good memories in these and many other outfits over the years. But I am so excited that I finally got my official Council uniform this Saturday, and can't wait to make more memories while wearing the green jacket.
I'm also looking forward to SLC, where I will be wearing a super (hint hint) awesome costume. More on that later though.
But seriously. There is no reason why I shouldn't dress like this every day. 
Happy Halloween everyone!
Sophie Hutchinson, Council Representative

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