Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Pumpkin that NEVER was

Hello Pennsylvania 4-H!
                    This month has been so awesome so I figured the best way to show it would be through Pictures. 
State Council helped out with Farm City Day at Harrisburg by helping tour the complex and having an awesome science experiment to give to the students. When we were able to have our lunch break we all stopped by the milkshake vendor.
Posing with a cow....enough said.

What shows up on your phone when you set it down during clean up.....

When we volunteered to help with the State Barbecue Championships we worked with the FFA officers and were given access to golf carts. WOOO-HHHOOO!!! The FFA girls finally let Dylan drive.....and he had to push it back when it ran out of gas.

Mya and FFA's State President Chris judging food at the State BBQ championships.

Dylan decided to take his senior portrait pictures in front of target.
Golf cart hanging at the BBQ with FA state officer team.

During KILE, I competed in the Stockman's contest with Delaware County 4-H's A Team. It was a long contest but very worthwhile. My team placed third in Team Management and tenth place overall.

 Next, State Council visited the Governors mansion for a Friends in Agriculture Breakfast.

 The final State Council Event of month was our face to face meeting at Penn State. Even though it is three and a half hours from my house it was definitely worth the ride. We did a lot of SLC planning(wink wink) and also took a lot of pictures. In the picture above the boys are seen trying to tie their ties. After a demo session the ties were tied and pictures taken.

And Finally there is The Pumpkin that NEVER was. Pennsylvania 4-H posted on Facebook to show them pictures of pumpkin carvings and I thought it would totally be awesome to have 4-H clover carved into a pumpkin. So here it is A pumpkin carved with a 4-H clover. I will admit though it is the pumpkin I had in mind but Never was.

Forever 4-H,
Alexandra Adams
2013-2014 PA 4-H State Council V.P. Internal Affairs

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