Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The realization that you are a senior

Hey everyone!

Ever since I started golf, my fall sport this summer, there has been a thought in the back of  my mind that this is my last year in high school. Well, whether it is good or bad, that "thought" is turning into a reality. I recently attended my last golf match, which, I swear, tears were not shed, but then the banquet came. I will admit that it is very difficult to say goodbye to all those warm fall afternoons spent joking around with my friends and "Happy Gilmoring" some balls at the driving range. Unfortunately, this is just the start of the wind down of my high school career.

I attended my first banquet as a senior. I stood up before all those parents and friends and thanked them for the support and memories that will last a life time. I carefully planned the coaches gift and made all those senior decisions that I was envious of as an underclassmen. Now that I am filling out senior bios and beginning the college applications (yes, I know, I'm very behind) I wonder did I make high school something I am proud of and will I enjoy the memories in a few years time?

Friday, at my last high school football game, my parents will walk me across the football field. I don't know if I will cry or scream with joy, but I do know that my moments in high school are limited and the next step in my life will be unforgettable. Even though I am unaware of where I will attend college or what I will major in, I realize that because of never giving up on myself, I made it to where I am today and I will make my future a bright one. It is so difficult to realize that the next big journey in life is right around the corner. Currently, my life is full of lasts, but soon the door will open to firsts.

I guess my point is: Don't be upset that a chapter in your life is ending, be happy that the pages are still turning and the book isn't closing.

Happy Halloween 4-Her's!
Kaitlin Rogers

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