Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, October 27, 2013

my new 4-H family

Hey guys it's Dylan so I have an awesome story for you about my adventure to Lawrence county.
It started Friday afternoon I got out of school at 10am and met my buddy John Hess to head out to Lawrence county. After a very long four and a half hour ride we finally made it to camp Agawam for the Lawrence county retreat. the first night started off with a thrill as I found myself on a late night scavenger hunt in the pitch black. The scavenger hunt was themed like the game Clue, so we needed to figure out who kidnapped the one educator. My team gathered the most clues and gave the right answer, we took first that night. As I was sitting in my cot at the cabin I was thinking how awesome it was that the 4-H'ers in Lawrence county treated me like one of their own and not like a stranger from the eastern part of the state.

Day 2
 We started off day 2  with some awesome game themed workshops like giant battleship and giant operation which my team won both games.  My favorite workshop that morning was the improve workshop because it taught us different acting skills and it was funny. Next came lunch time and then it was on to the workshop led by Sophie and myself. Our workshop was all about the different opportunities the 4-H program has to offer and how to get involved and it was a success the kids got a lot out of it. Then we had some free time to organize a skit that the team had to do. After that was the black light dance which was AMAZINGGGGG!!!! during the dance though, they had a game that each team had to take time to do. It was 4 items that were in containers that you had to toch and figure out what they were and it was pitch black out so you couldn't see them. The one item was a stuffed bear in soapy water and it turned out to be my gift from the Lawrence county teen council, I named him Lawrence... catchy right? I thought so. after the game I headed back to the dance and danced the night away until it was time to head to the cabin.

Day 3
Sadly this was my last day with my new friends. We had a game of silent library which is challenges you have to do without laughing and this was a lot of fun. I got lipstick on me peanut butter all over my face and I got to go down a big slip n slide! I'd say that's going out with a bang! As you can imagine it was a sad day because I had to leave my new friends so soon however I was invited back for different events and I became the second adopted child into Lawrence county! So all in all it was a great experience and I cant wait to go back to see everyone!

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